Introduce greenery to the indoors and promote an immediate sense of wellbeing.

Greener workspaces create happier and healthier environments.  The benefits of being close to living plants, has being scientifically proven to reduce carbon dioxide, airborne dust levels and pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide.  Lower air temperatures and increased humidity are also advantageous. These advantages will help to improve productivity, reduce stress levels, headaches, blood pressure and irritability and much more, resulting in fewer sick days and increased productivity.

A quick and easy way to introduce greenery and create a more relaxed and tranquil environment is through a movable living wall.

The LifeMCC is a one-sided, free-standing planted wall.  The wall is equipped with an integrated water reservoir and an automatic irrigation system, it is cleverly designed to release the correct amount of water and nutrient enabling the plants to thrive.

The built-in water level sensor will signal when the water tank is empty, to ensure longevity.

Available in any standard RAL colour.


Dimensions: 1968mm x 1350mm x 500mm (HxWxD)

Content of water reservoir: 68 liters

Plug connection: 230V

Length connecting cable: approx. 1 m

Number of Flexipanels: 6 pieces

Weight excluding planting: 80 kg

Plant Assortments

3 different plant assortments are available for the LifeMCC. GreenOasis, LimeDesign and OceanBreeze. These have been chosen due to the air purifiying qualities of the plants. A custom planting selection can be available upon request.


To grow optimally, plants need light. There are different types of lighting available, such as LED Spots or a LED Strip. We are able to advise your project to ensure the plants can attain an optimum amount of light.

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