The SemperGreenwall CompactLine is a unique indoor facade system that can be placed anywhere. With this instant green wall, you can create a pleasant living and working environment with a special appeal in next to no time. The plants regulate the humidity, remove harmful substances from the air and so have a positive effect on the general wellbeing of people.

Consisting of pre-cultivated Flexipanels, a powder-coated aluminium frame, and an integrated water reservoir. Thanks to this integrated water reservoir a special water connection or technical areas is not necessary. The powder-coated frame is available in various standard RAL colours. This standard package can be optionally expanded with lighting. CompactLine can be installed within a day, so you can enjoy the green wall immediately.


The Sempergreen Flexipanel is a building block of the SemperGreenwall. The Flexipanel is the most flexible system on the market for living walls. The panels pre-cultivated in our own nursery can easily be mounted in any indoor or outdoor wall or facade, and provide an instant green appearance. Thanks to the use of light materials, in combination with a special design, even curved surfaces are not a problem.

Technical Details

Growth upon delivery: approx. 90%

Weight when dry: approx. 20-25 kg/m2²

Saturated weight: approx. 40-45 kg/m2²

Standard Flexipanel thickness: approx. 6 cm (without vegetation)

Standard system thickness: approx. 10 cm (without vegetation)

Standard panel size: 62 cm x 52 cm (Other sizes can be agreed)


  • An instant living wall for a maximum perception of greenery

  • Positive influence on the air quality and environment

  • Clean and quick installation

  • Can be installed anywhere

  • Planting scheme tailored to client needs

Installation & Maintenance

We take care of the entire project for installing the CompactLine. The only infrastructure required for installation is a power outlet and a load-bearing wall.

The CompactLine can be supplied in combination with a maintenance contract. Maintenance consists of a visit to the green wall once every four weeks. During the maintenance visit the general condition of the green wall is checked, plants are pruned or new plants are inserted as necessary, and the water reservoir is refilled.

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