Interior Living walls are inspirational, cool & striking pieces of art. Bold planting schemes and beautifully engineered designs are in return aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

It is scientifically proven, a vertical indoor plant wall, in a shopping center, school, office, or home, can have a very positive impact on the environment and the people inside.


Exterior Living walls turn grey, lifeless buildings into spectacular, breathtaking works of art on a wall.

The emerging trend for living walls, is bringing life into cities around the world, adding an abundance of rich greenery and interesting designs, to populated areas, normally void of such luxury.

The living wall is not only inviting, interesting and soothing, it is hugely beneficial to the surrounding environment and the people in it.


This is the CompactLine, an instant indoor green wall with standard dimensions. The CompactLine system consists of 24 pre-cultivated lightweight Flexipanels, a water reservoir with submersible pump and an aluminium frame. Installation in only one day!


A quick and easy way to introduce greenery and create a more relaxed and tranquil environment is through a movable living wall.

The lifeMCC is a one-sided, free-standing planted wall.  The wall is equipped with an integrated water reservoir and an automatic irrigation system, it is cleverly designed to release the correct amount of water and nutrient enabling the plants to thrive.


There are many benefits that both exterior and interior living walls can provide. From purifing the air to increasing producivity there are benefits that cannot be quantified by finance.

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