Lightweight system

We know the desire to have a green roof can sometimes be hampered by the structural capacity. This is why we have a lightweight system to be used where loading weight on the roof is a problem in both new and existing buildings.

Technical specifications

Pitch: 0-15°

System depth: 61-70 mm

Saturated weight: 40-45 kg/m2

System Structure

Sedum blanket – 30mm

Pre-cultivated Sedum-mix blanket, consisting of a mix of 10 to 12 different types of Sedum. Vegetation percentage on delivery: at least 95%.

Substrate roll – 20mm

Substrate roll is a lightweight green roof substrate, manufactured from long mineral wool fibres. It is a good growing medium and ensures good water absorption and tenacity.

Drainage board with filterfleece – 11 to 20mm

The thickness of the drainage layer will depend on the roof structure and the water storage capacity required, depending on the climate.

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