Biodiverse system

Construction and development can distrupt the ecosystem on the site. With a biodiverse roof you can contribute to restoring a healthy biodiverse environment in an urban area.

Technical specifications

Pitch: 0-15°

System depth: 200-215 mm

Saturated weight: 220-225 kg/m2

System Structure

Biodiverse blanket – 40 mm

Pre-cultivated biodiverse blanket. Several varieties are available. For example, you can opt for Sedum combined with wild flowers or shade-loving plants. There is also a bees and bees and butterflies blanket with considerable diversity of host and nectar plants. Vegetation percentage on delivery: at least 95%.

Biodiverse substrate – 150 mm

Biodiverse roof garden substrate is a nutrient-rich substrate. The composition of this substrate is specifically formulated for the intensive planting of a biodiverse blanket.

Drainage including filterfleece – 11 to 20 mm

The thickness of the drainage layer will depend on the roof structure and the water storage capacity required, depending on the climate.

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