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Sedum Mat is a pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs. It is sown with an exceptional blend of ten to twelve stunning sedum plants to provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period.

Growing in a strong coconut fibre mat Sedum Mats are supplied as a pre-grown instant vegetation layer. Lightweight and easy to install, they are available in roll sizes that are easy to handle.


A mixture of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials, specifically designed for green roofs and sustainably grown in the UK.

Attractive to pollinators, it provides a biodiverse and colourful range of wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials that will flourish in the conditions created on many types of green roofs.


Low Maintenance Grass Mat is ideal for extensive green roofs requiring a grass finish and low maintenance. The mat comprises of an established mixture of slow growing and drought tolerant grasses with low maintenance requirements, growing in a felt mat. If mown the result is an attractive fine turf and there are fewer clippings to remove.

Being drought tolerant, disease resistant and preferring low fertility, low maintenance grass mat requires minimal water, fungicide and fertiliser inputs. If left unmown, the turf will flower in late May to early June producing decorative seed heads. It will reach a height of about 200mm by autumn when it should be cut and the clippings removed.


Our substrate is a blend of lightweight manufactured topsoil and lightweight aggregate.

The topsoil is manufactured from reclaimed sand and PAS 100 green waste compost and is certified to BS3882:2015 standards. The specially matured and graded recycled green waste compost provides optimal stability and minimal leaching for organic matter and nutrients. The topsoil is blended with carefully selected and graded lightweight expanded clay aggregate, sourced from the UK.

Our substrate provides good aeration and water holding properties and controlled fertility levels. It is simple to work with, lightweight, and offers guaranteed consistency throughout the green roof installation.


Our drainage layer product, Roofdrain, is ideal for extensive green roofs as it provides a lightweight drainage layer with a water reservoir to sustain plant growth. Roofdrain attenuates rainfall making it an important element of SUDS system. Roofdrain consists of a perforated cuspated recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) core with selected geotextiles thermally bonded on each side.

The core acts as a water reservoir holding 4.5-5.5 litres per square metre for plants to access in dry periods. The core is perforated to allow excess rainwater to flow into the underside and away to drainage outlets. The upper geotextile also has a ‘zero’ breakthrough head to prevent over-saturation of the substrate. The lower geotextile has two key functions: it offers additional protection to the waterproof membrane and acts as an extra moisture retentive layer, holding an additional 1.0 litres per square metre. This further enhances the water holding capacity of the system and slows the rate of run-off. The Roofdrain is manufactured in the UK from up to 95% recycled material making it a sound environmental choice.

Waterproof Membrane

For buildings and homes It is essential that you have installed a waterproof membrane which is fully compliant and carries a guarantee before ordering or installing any of our green roof packages.

If you are installing a green roof onto an outdoor structure such as a log store or bike shed the use of a heavy duty pond liner will be sufficient in this situation.