Initial irrigation is required after planting and the frequency of rainfall in the area will determine the amount of watering needed in the first few weeks.


When vegetation has been established, a roof inspection is recommended once or twice per year for optimal roof and plant performance; involving the determination of weeding, fertiliser use, identifying bare spots (which can be filled with seeds or cuttings), clearing plant debris away from drains or replacing eroded substrate.


Annual application of slow-release type for extensive green roofs. Intensive planting may incorporate nutrient-rich soils with specific fertilisation requirements.


Keeping drains clear is important, as clogged drains can result in standing water over the vegetation, which could lead to fungal disease and dieback.


Maintaining a green roof throughout a drought only maintains the aesthetic value, not the actual functions off the green roof, thus contributing to the low maintenance nature of the roofs.


Plant replacement and removal of unwanted material is labour-intensive, but important to maintain the amenity.

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