Extensive roofs are designed to be lightweight using a minimum amount of growing medium to support the chosen vegetation layer such as sedum, wildflower grasses and herbs.


A garden on a roof, these roofs require a much deeper depth of growing medium to support small trees shrubs, lawns and plants and hard landscaping.


The biodiverse roof has a similar build up to the other roof systems, but the vegetation is carefully chosen and designed to provide optimum natural habitats supporting an array of species, whether it be plants insects birds animals or invertebrates.


Biosloar Roofs combine Solar panels with green roofs to maximize the benefits of both to fully utilize city roof tops.  While the solar panels generate electricity, the green roof elements will increase the life span of the roof and support habitats for urban flora and fauna to thrive.


Enhance Biodiversity

Water Management

Energy Reduction

Combat Pollution

Noise Reduction

Health & Wellbeing


Aesthetically Pleasing

Urban Heat Island

Increased Value

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