Pitched roof system

Our mission is to enable all roofs to be green. This is why we have a system specifically developed to provide a green solution on a steeply pitched roof. Using reinforcement in the blanket with the correct structure makes it very suitable for sloped applications.

Technical specifications

Pitch: 25-45°

System depth: 90 mm

Saturated weight: 100-105 kg/m2

System Structure

Sedum blanket – 30 mm

Pre-cultivated Sedum-mix blanket type T, consisting of a mix of 10-12 different types of  sedum. The basis of this vegetation blanket is the plastic reinforcement top and bottom which make the blanket suitable for (steeply) pitched applications. Vegetation percentage on delivery: at least 95%.

Extensive substrate – 50mm

Extensive roof garden substrate consisting of lava, pumice, and compost. Produced in accordance with FLL guidelines.

Substrate holder

The substrate holder is a plastic grid manufactured from recycled LDPE/HDPE. The substrate holder prevents the substrate from falling away on pitched applications.

Water-buffering fleece – 10 mm

The water-buffering fleece is a mat manufactured from recycled fibres. The mat can store water and is used to protect the roofing. The mat also functions as water storage for the vegetation blanket.

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