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How green roofs enhance the performance of solar panels

One of the great benefits of a green roof is the ability to cool a building by reducing the rooftop temperature. This is achieved by the fact that plants can only heat to a temperature of 25 degrees and unlike bitumen or other roofing materials it doesn’t hold this heat overnight combined with the cooling […]

How Green Roofs Combat the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)

What is the urban heat island effect? areas due to human activity. This temperature difference is usually much more noticeable at night as the building materials such as concrete and bitumen hold onto the heat absorbed throughout the day. UHI can also have an impact on growing seasons, decrease the air quality by producing more […]

Green Roofs on Bus Shelters Improve Biodiversity In Cities

Green roofs can be an important factor for improving the living environment especially in sparse city centres and urban areas where greenery is lacking.  These areas are often left devoid of a flourishing wildlife. Although green roofs are becoming more commonplace in cities, it is still a challenge to add more greenery where space is […]

The Humble Bee

Did you know? Worldwide there are around 20,000 bee species.  Most of these bees are known as solitary bees.  There are only 250 Bumble bee species, & 9 Honeybee species.  In Britain we have around 270 species of bees, just under 250 of these species are solitary. There are 3 types of Bees, The Bumble Bee, The Honeybee […]